In the heart of Tuscany, on the Maremma hills, where the endless horizon meets the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the cradle of the mysterious Etruscan civilization, the pioneer of the winemaking, TENUTA DODICI, was born.
The total area of the vineyards occupied by the estate is about 13 hectares. Nature itself created here perfect conditions for growing grapes and producing excellent wines. Located in a strategic position, caressed by all the winds, Tenuta Dodici has a perfect microclimate to make wines with very high organoleptic qualities.

Functionality combined with fine and simple contemporary design expressed in geometric shapes and elegant straight lines, that is what distinguishes Tenuta Dodici. The premises of the production zone are embedded in the hill, which allows to maintain temperature and humidity at a stable level throughout the year and provide the necessary conditions for the production and storage of the wine.
Tenuta Dodici wines are produced from international grape varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier. In addition, traditional varieties of this geographic zone, Vermentino and Sangiovese, and indigenous variety Ciliegiolo, are used.
dodici wine: unique italian signature
Winery Tenuta Dodici has 13 hectares of vineyards in 2 terroirs in Maremma: the thousand-year-old village of Tatti (400 meters above sea level) and on a hill in Grilli (150 meters above sea level). The landscape made it possible to locate the buildings of the production area "embedded" into the hill, thanks to which natural insulation was created, ensuring constant temperature and humidity throughout the year, which is necessary for high-quality wine production and storage.


The production and quality control of Dodici wines is managed by the hereditary winemaker Angelo Migliori. In search of unique flavors that rival the best Italian wine houses such as Masseto, he offers innovative and experimental solutions.

Migliori works together with one of the best enologists in Italy, the legendary Ricardo Cotarella. He stood at the origins of the revival of the country's winemaking and managed to work in almost all regions of Italy and became one of the most influential persons in the field of winemaking over the past 20 years. The range of Dodici wines includes 15 items from basic to exclusive collection items with a potential of aging
for 50 years.
Geometrical lines, simple and clear, in combination with functionality are the major distinctive features of our winery. It is situated on one of the multiple hills,
typical for Maremma, and fits well into the surrounding larkiscape.
All premises of the production area are cut into the hill, so to speak, and the natural isolation allows to maintain constant temperature and humidity throughout the whole year as well as to guarantee conditions, necessary for qualitative production and storage of the wine.
"Tenuta Dodici" consists of two land parcels with different angles of slope (in Poggio Gobo and Tatti). Intensity of forest vegetation along with its mitigating
influence, hight and composition of soil, create certain environment, welcoming for high-quality wines abundant with organoleptic properties.
The soil composition of the land parcels with vineyards consists of a complex of the limestone clay of the early Cretaceous, which, along with the strong influence of the soil skeleton and loamy slate allow to accumulate sugar in the grapes at the earlies stage.
Even though there is no difference in composition of the two plots, but the altitude above the sea level plays a significant part in formation of the end characteristicsof the grape. The Tatti vineyards, which are 350-400 m above the sea level, give deep, more delicate and elegant wines; and the Poggio Gobbo ones (100 m above the sea level) give stronger, "characterful" wines.

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All tastings are held from May till October and propose a visit to vineyards and winery where the guests will be able to know the winery’s history.

Starting from June there is a special option of a picnic right in the midst of the vineyard available upon reservation only.

Approximate duration of a tasting is an hour and 30 minutes and our guests are welcome to choose among the following available slots: 11:00, 13:30, 15:30
Loc. Poggio Gobbo,15/A Fraz. Grilli
58023 Gavorrano GR, Italia.

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