Grappa Giovane

Production area: Distilled at Paganico, Nannoni Grappe, GR, Tuscany, Italy.

Gradation: 42% Vol.

Raw material: Fresh pomace, still dripping with wine from our production.

Distillation: Handcrafted, with steam boilers and lowgrade discontinuous column; the head and tail cut is performed manually at each brew by The Master Distiller.

Aging: Young grappa not aged, storage in steel.

Color: Transparent, clear and crystalline.

Aroma: The aroma of fresh pomace is clear in this young brandy with a lively personality.

Flavour: On the palate balanced and pleasant, with good persistence. In the retrofact fruity and herbaceous notes of mown hay.

Serving temperature: 18 °C

Pairings: Excellent at the end of the meal

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