TENUTA DODICI - is the result of love and passion, which the owners Konstantin Tuvykin and Nikita Mikhalkov feel towards Maremma and the wine, offered by this beautiful land.

In 2010 Konstantin Tuvykin purchased La Madonna estate in Tatti, and offered business partnership to Nikita Mikhalkov. The estate is a wonderful villa with vineyards located in the suburbs of a medieval town at Massa Marittima municipal centre. That's the beginning of their own wine production and foundation of a company, having the same name "La Madonna".

Upon 3 years of work it became obvious that the hobby had a great potential, that's why the owners decided to re-organize it into the real winemaking company. Thus, in 2013 they purchased Poggio Gobbo vineyards located in Gavorrano municipal centre, and in 2014 they laid the foundation stone of the new winery.

Twelve (Dodici) is not just a random number. It's the name of the movie, which was internationally presented by Nikita Mikhalkov – a distinguished partner and friend of ''Tenuta Dodici''. The winery began its work in 2016 with the harvest of the same year. The new sales strategy is making the wine well-known not only in Russia, but in Italy as well.